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  Envo Group is a provider of innovative and affordable eMarketing and eBusiness solutions.  We offer efficient, effective and simple to use eCRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and applications for any size business or organization.  Envo Group has successfully assisted clients in generating new and untapped revenue streams, implementing innovative customer service tools and developing cutting-edge, backend business application technologies for more efficient and productive models.  
"With the development of our dealer secured site and HTML e-mail campaigns, we’ve identified over $2 million in projects last year directly related to Envo's efforts."
~  Brad Quick
    General Manager | Hamilton Sorter Company
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Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. It is easy, affordable, direct, trackable, measured immediately, actionable and highly effective. When you add email to your marketing mix, you spend less time, money and resources than with traditional marketing vehicles.


The pace of today's business model demands effective online tools for eCRM and universal team access.  Our suite of eBusiness Tools accomplishes these objectives across mulitple platforms while keeping costs low with our modular approach to implementation


Top level online presence and custom applications are mandatory to your business makeup.  Whether a static website or interactive tools and experience, the quality and professionalism of your online delivery matters as much as your printed materials and other business tools.


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